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Fibre sources and low carb

My article in today’s JEP talks about sources of fibre and mixed messages (and misunderstanding) of low carb. Last month saw another study published by The Lancet, which was released with great fanfare across the media; this one was about

Why the EAT-Lancet report is a disaster – JEP, 400 words – Jacqui Carrel Last week, an ‘important’ report written by 37 scientists from 16 different countries was published in The Lancet to great fanfare from the media. To me, it feels like a Bond film with a dreary, but still scary, plot. This EAT-Lancet Commission, which pronounces itself as the authority on nutrition and purports to be operating with good intention, is a small global elite that is telling us how to eat food – but in a way designed to make us ill. So, what are they telling us to do? Eat a lot less red meat (equivalent to about a quarter of a rasher of bacon a day) and eggs (1.5 a week) and to eat more fish and a lot more plants, including grains. The ostensible benefits are the enhancing and saving millions of lives and saving the planet. On the face of it, apart from the sugar they allow, this sounds just dandy, so why am I concerned? This way of eating won’t make humans healthier and we will destroy many ecosystems. They expect us to eat our meals high in carbohydrates (51% - ouch!) and on the low side in protein (14%), and to have plenty inflammation-causing seed oils. This diet gives you just 5% of the recommended level of vitamin D; you’ll also be short on vitamin K, as most in the EAT diet comes from broccoli, which supplies K1, whereas the best type for humans is K2. Expect deficiencies too in vitamin B12, retinol, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and omega-3s. But don’t worry, manufacturers will ‘fortify’ your foods and sell you supplements. In addition, the group do not distinguish between the factory-farm systems of intensively produced meat fed on cheap, inflammatory grain, and regenerative agriculture where healthy livestock add to soil fertility, help build top soil and can also use land unsuitable for crops. Am I anti-vegetarianism and veganism? No, it’s up to the person involved – but the same general recommendations stand: be properly informed, eat whole, unprocessed foods, avoid grains and faux packaged foods – ‘fortified’ or not – enjoy being outside and get enough sleep. I just ask you and our States health teams to look more closely at the group (which involves no farmers), note how it has strong alliances with Big Food, Tech and Pharma – the lot who helped us create our global diabetes, obesity and associated health problems – and then make your dietary decisions. #### Jacqui Carrel is a nutrition consultant. You can contact her on jacqui@feelfabnutrition.com.

Why the EAT report is a disaster

This is my latest article in the Jersey Evening Post. It outlines my concerns about the EAT report.

Why we need vitamin D -1 - Jersey Evening Post Article - 09 January 2019 - by Jacqui Carrel of Feel Fab Nutrition dot com

Why we need vitamin D

My article on vitamin D coincides with the first day of the year we (Jersey) have seen anything more than a few minutes of sunshine, and the rays are great to see 😊☀️ JEP – 400 words – Why we


Which is best – low cal or intermittent fasting?

My latest opinion piece in the Jersey Evening Post considers the madness of low calorie diets and the benefits of intermittent fasting. The NHS and Diabetes UK have come up with their latest wheeze: starving people to put them into

Attack of the festive snacks 2 - Jersey Evening Post - 28 November 2018 - by Jacqui Carrel of Feel Fab Nutrition dot com

What brings on that festive snack attack?

Big Food design snacks so you can’t stop at one and keep buying and eating more! Here’s how, and what to do.


Taxing Red Meat is Wrong

My article is in today’s JEP 😊   It was written in response to the scary and misinformed headlines of ‘red meat causes cancer’.   A meat eater myself, I have pescetarian hubby and vege and vegan friends, and this


The truth about exercise and weight

Can you burn off fat by exercising? No. Can you lose weight by exercising? Yes. Can you gain weight by exercising? Yes. Can you become healthier through exercising? Yes. Can you cause health damage by exercising? Yes. Confused? Let me


Effects of social isolation on health – Jersey Evening Post article

What do you think the greatest contributor to dying from disease is?  Surprisingly, it’s not poor diet, lack of exercise, or too much drinking and smoking.

10 Fruit and veg a day recommended - are you kidding - Jersey Evening Post Article - March 2017 - by Jacqui Carrel of Feel Fab Nutrition dot com

10 a Day? Are they Kidding? Article in the Jersey Evening Post

Here’s the last post I made in shorter form and a couple of local bits added as an article in today’s Jersey Evening Post 🙂 

Wheat-free, grain-free, dairy-free pancakes

Wheat-free, dairy-free pancakes

It’s Shrove Tuesday, which, for many, is synonymous with ‘Pancake Day’. Many of my clients can’t eat wheat (or the other grains), and some can’t have dairy either, so I’ve been experimenting with some grain-free, dairy-free and grain- and dairy-free