WANTED! 4-6 people who want to lose an inch and gain more energy before Christmas.

Dear Guest

Jacqui Carrel here; I want to trial out a programme I’ll be rolling out next year; successes are already there, but I’ve always seen people on a one-to-one basis… I’d like to introduce this particular Better in Less Than a Month (BILTAM) system where I am coaching several people at a time via email.

Starts: Wednesday 18 November for three weeks, with an optional fourth week.

Cost: Your commitment, honest feedback and a testimonial. As this is a trial, there’s no money cost to you.

Who’s BILTAM for?

Do consider this if

  • Your waist band is getting too tight and you want to reverse that
  • You want to drop a size before Christmas
  • You want to find a way of eating that’s easy to stick to
  • You have aching joints
  • You’re tired more than you should be
  • You have dieted unsuccessfully in the past
  • You can commit to 21-28 days (hint, this is not about deprivation!)

Who BILTAM is not for

This isn’t for you (this time) if you:

  • Have three or more social commitments over the next two weeks
  • Are currently taking prescribed medication (because of the timing)
  • Don’t eat meat or fish (though there will be a vege/vegan version soon)
  • Have an aversion to using emails
  • Can’t ‘pinch an inch’ (I cover other nutritional/health/energy issues, just not in this programme)
  • Are under 18 (I work with children and teenagers, just not in this programme)

What will happen?

  1. Please fill in this brief online questionnaire (which will, of course, remain confidential) before we start; if you want a paper version, ask now! The survey is on this site here, or here on the Survey Monkey site: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KR3YJ5Z.
  2. If accepted onto the programme, you’ll be emailed an overview
  3. Each day, you’ll receive a further email giving further guidance information and encouragement
  4. I’d like you to check in daily or every other day (but daily is best) with your progress; you can email any other time as well
  5. At the end (or any time during the BILTAM period), I’d like some feedback on the materials sent, what else you would like to see, if you would like group meetings, a Facebook page, etc.
  6. I’ll also ask you to write a testimonial which may be shown on my website and in promotional materials – if you don’t want your name appearing, that’s fine.


Q: You say this is ‘a trial’ – is there any risk?
A: No. I only call it a trial because it’s a new way of doing the programme – the nutrition methods in the trial are all tested and backed up with science!

Q: Why are you starting this Wednesday?
A: Two reasons: 1. We’re coming up to the festive season – you feeling and looking better will be a plus. 2. Any later and you’ll be into the party season, which is never a good time to start something! (However, with what you learn, you’ll be able to get through the Christmas grub and drinks dilemmas with aplomb.)

Q: Why start on a Wednesday and not a Monday?
A: There are two main reasons in this instance: 1. Mondays are associated with starting another diet (and very often, associated with the failure of previous attempts); 2. There’s a treat in store on the second weekend… so I don’t want that falling midweek.

Q: Why only six people maximum?
A: Due to other commitments, this is all I can take on board and I want you to have the attention you need.

Q: Why do I need to email you daily?
A: Study after study shows you’re much more likely to keep on track if you are ‘accountable’ to someone – on this instance, it will be me. If you are away from your emails, you can text me instead.

Q: Will this involve calorie counting?
A: No. As to why, you’ll find out in BILTAM.

Q: Is this a crash diet?
A: Nonononononono! No.

Q: Do I have to give up alcohol?
A: No 🙂 But I won’t be telling you to quaff every evening either!

Q: Is this for women only?
A: No, men are welcome too.

Q: Will I need to exercise?
A: Some walking each day is highly recommended; after the BILTAM has finished, it’s up to you – though you will probably find you spontaneously want to do more. You’ll get all the details.

Q: Can you guarantee I’ll lose weight?
A: No – there can be all sorts of confounding variables, including you not following BILTAM! On the other hand there is a very, very good chance you will lose some fat (including around your middle) and, even if the scales don’t change there, is a good chance your body shape will start changing and you’ll start feeling more energetic. Each person is very different and will see different results.

Q: I didn’t get into the first six – can I do this another time?
A: Yes, I will be rolling the programme out in the New Year.

Q: How strict is this?
A: That depends on your current diet and what you define as strict! However, there are two options: a faster track and a slower ‘break yourself in gently’ version; you can reckon to lose weight and gain energy more slowly on the latter, but it’s still effective.

Q: Is this all via email? Can I call you?
A: Call if it’s urgent, but otherwise this will be email based.

Q: Will you have a Facebook page for people following this programme?
A: If enough people want one, yes – and it will be private; we’ll see how it goes.

Q: I don’t want to do this but I think my friend/family member will – can I send this information on?
A: Yes, be my guest.

Q: You say this is all by email. As we’re local, will we meet up as a group?
A: If the demand is there, yes.

Q: I thought you wrote books and built websites. Will you carry on doing these?
A: I’ll always be writing books and will let you know when the next one is out. I’m winding down my website business by about 90% but will always take on interesting projects – seewww.cinnamonedge.co.uk.