BILTAM (Better in less Than a Month) and is designed for those of you who are looking to lose fat (especially around the middle) and gain energy.

In less than a month:

Your waistline will become looser

Cravings will disappear

Your energy levels will climb

Your skin and eyes will be clearer

Muscle and joint pains will diminish

… and there will be loads more benefits both inside your body and visible to others

What’s not to like? 🙂 All I need is your commitment to this straight-forward programme for four weeks, though afterwards you’ll feel so great you’ll most likely want to carry on in same vein!

What you'll get with your BILTAM programme

What you’ll get

  • Access to lots of knowledge from a well-qualified nutritional therapist
  • Pre-programme materials, including a shopping list, so you can get prepped before you start
  • Information on what to do: follow the simple steps and you will see results!
  • Information on why you need to do these things: success rates are much higher when you understand what’s happening in your body and the effects certain foods and drinks have
  • A daily email with an accompanying document helping you to build on your knowledge
  • Daily email feedback to your food diary (you can do this online if you wish) and any (related!) questions [BILTAM Plus, Extra and 1-2-1 programmes only – see below]
  • Post BILTAM 4+4+4 follow-up: once a week for four weeks, then once a fortnight for eight weeks, then once a month for four months [BILTAM Extra only – see below]
  • Extra energy and a leaner body!
  • … and loads more benefits 🙂

What some BILTAMers have said

I just had to tell you – the reason I started BILTAM was to get into a brand new silk dress I bought on eBay and yes you’ve guessed it, it fitted where it touched not a good look, I tried it on just now and it looks great, so pleased…. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I was in a rut of eating nothing for most of the day and then eating most things in sight when I got home from work, dark chocolate kit kat, any biscuits or cakes I’d made and then an evening meal full of carbohydrates followed by fruit and low fat yogurt. Goodness did I need guidance!!

The programme materials are clearly written and easy to follow, best to keep them all in an electronic folder/and I keep a printed copy to refer to at home.

Initially I was rather sceptical as everything I read was completely different from anything else I’d tried … however I persevered and well the results speak for themselves.  

I appear to have lost 6 lbs, and 4 inches from waist and hips!!!!! … Am thrilled with this result and still 2 days to go.

Have noticed that my 4pm slump is no more!

My energy was low, couldn’t find the inspiration to go for a walk, no not even a brisk 10 minutes and yes it was always going to be tomorrow. My confidence was at an all time low and my wardrobe was limited to loose fitted tops and skirts. So……nearly a month later I have dropped a dress size and can get into that all important dress, I feel and look better have more energy and my skin looks clearer.

Choose from one of these options

Choose from:

What you get with the BILTAM programme BILTAM BILTAM PLUS BILTAM EXTRA BILTAM 1-2-1
Pre-programme materials  ⊗  ⊗  ⊗  ⊗
Shopping list  ⊗  ⊗  ⊗  ⊗
28 daily messages  ⊗  ⊗  ⊗  ⊗
28 daily PDFs  ⊗  ⊗  ⊗  ⊗
Access to FAQs and answers  ⊗  ⊗
Access to any new materials produced later+
Weekly newsletter
Daily feedback (28 days)*
Further 4+4+4 feedback**
1-2-1 at 30% off usual session rates^

Your investment –>


£77 £127 £227 £237
To book your place, email in the first instance, telling me which option you would like, and giving me your contact details and a good time to get back to you.
+ As I build up the library, you’ll have access to new materials, including podcasts and videos, so you’ll have a set of references any time you want to recap on things
+ Anyone on this programme will receive discounts on any FFN workshops they want to attend
*Each day you send me your diary, along with any related questions, and you get feedback and answers.
** After the 28 days, an extra 4+4+4: 4 x weekly + 4 x fortnightly + 4 x monthly follow-ups.
^ You can take 4 discounted 1-2-1 sessions (30-45 minutes at £40 each) before or during the 28-day programme and/or up to three months after. We can meet, or do over the phone/Skype and you will receive written notes on the session.