Currently I am looking for a new clinic room, but am happy to meet you in a café or meeting room in St Helier (or St Aubin in the mornings); the coffee’s on me.

Monday: 10.00-2.00

Tuesday: 10.00-5.00

Wednesday: 10.00-12.30 and 3.30-6.30

Thursday: 10.00-3.30

Friday: 10.00-3.00

Call 07797 824 565 during office hours (Mon-Fri and Saturday a.m.) to book. If I’m busy, leave a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Contact Jacqui Carrel, nutritional therapist


If you wish, we can conduct our sessions over Skype or the phone, or by email. It’s better we meet, but I understand there are some circumstances in which that is difficult.

Skype: 40 minute appointment* ~ £55

Skype: 20  minute appointment* ~ £35

Emails: Prices vary because the amount of emailing does – please contact me in the first instance

To book a session, please email me, use the form above, or call me (leaving a message if I can’t answer at the time) and I will get back to you.

Your home

This is something I don’t usually offer, but will consider it on a case by case basis. Please contact me via email or phone.


Workshops/seminars will usually be based in St Helier or Parish Halls.

Outdoor sessions (eg, for a group walk & talk) generally start somewhere along the Esplanade/Victoria Avenue.

Contact FFN

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Free pre-consulatation


You can contact me via email or phone for a free 10 minute chat to find out whether I can help you and we can work together.

If we can, and after we have fixed a date for our first meeting, I will send you an especially designed Nutrition & Background Questionnaire (NBQ) to fill out*.

You need to:

– Either send the NBQ back before the first consultation (preferred option)

– Or bring it along with you; this is fine, but will use up some of the time we have together

* I can send your NBQ by email, online link or post, whichever you prefer; you can return it by email, online link or post.

Contact FFN

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About your consultations

Initial consultation

An initial consultation lasts 40 minutes and during this time we will look at your eating habits, previous/current state of health and goals.

You will receive your Individual Strategy for Health (ISH) based both on what I have seen from your NBQ answers and what we have discussed. Much will involve dietary recommendations and sometimes you’ll receive simple lifestyle change recommendations too.

You won’t have to take notes as I will send you a written copy. 

Some people find this initial consultation is enough for their needs, while others want to have follow-up sessions – the choice is yours.

Payment is online, payable in advance to secure the session.

Contact FFN

Follow-up consultations

Follow-up consultations last 20 minutes, but you can book two slots (to make 40 minutes) if you wish.

In these sessions, we’ll discuss your progress and look to see if any modifications need to be made to your programme so we can see continual improvements in your wellbeing.

Payment is online, payable in advance to secure the session.

Contact FFN

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Life happens! Sometimes cancellations are needed. If we can reschedule, all the better, and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

If you cancel more than two days before your consultation, we will reschedule; if you wish to actually cancel, we refund half of your payment.

If you want to reschedule within two days of your appointment, if I can fit someone else into your slot, you won’t incur any more charges, but if I can’t, you may need to make a little extra payment.

Likewise, if you cancel within two days, repayment will depend on whether I can fit someone else in; if I can, you will get half back.

Nonetheless, there is a big difference between people who just have ‘something better’ come up that day and those who are ill/held up by Condor Ferries, etc, and I look at each one on a case by case basis.

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