Feel Fab Nutrition ~ What's YOUR nutritional profile like?
Feel Fab Nutrition ~ What’s YOUR nutritional profile like?

Hello ~ this is a simple dietary health quiz for you to do:

  1. There are 11 questions
  2. There are no right or wrong answers and this is about YOU, so answer what’s true, not what you think you ‘should’ do!
  3. If you skip a question, you get the chance to go back to it before you get your results
  4. If you want to go back to a question, click the ‘review button’ or click the question number; when done, click the ‘Quiz summary’ button to go back to the end.
  5. Click the ‘Finish Quiz’ button to reveal your score

Want feedback? When you see the results, you’ll see a short comment plus a link to a page with a recap and fuller comments.

To take this quick and simple quiz to get an idea of your nutritional health, just click the ‘Start quiz’ button.

(You’ll be asked for your email – this is so you can get the results sent to you; we don’t take a copy of your details.)

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