Good nutrition is essential to get back to good health and to maintain it when you’re there. It’s not just there to help you with weight issues, but with many associated physical and emotional conditions, most of which are brought about or triggered by chemical imblance and inflammation – click here to see what issues I can help you with.

A nutritional therapist (me, in this instance) will identify causes and triggers and your diet and work with you to reverse them. Each client is different, so there is no one size fits all plan – I will work with you.

Sometimes only one consultation/meeting is needed and sometimes several more. Here’s what to expect in a consultation and prices.

I also offer workshops for:

— Groups of individuals (for example, if six of you have diabetes and want to learn and work together, we can do that)

— Social and business groups (such as the WI, parent-teacher associations, charities and Chambers of Commerce)

— Businesses (either for all staff or individuals in the workplace)





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